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CosmicRust #16102

Quick York doodle because I have nothing else to do. 
This looks so awful when it’s all condensed like this uuuuurrrgh
A big dork and two potatoes.
More coatls oh boy
Every SE Benny needs a SE Pomeranian!  
Tryin’ out that color palette challenge thing as an excuse to try and draw Beachcomber.  
"Don’t dip me, you idiot!"
Based loosely off this
I hate drawing Starscream. So much. 
Whatcha lookin’ at, Ama?  
Wraithi has seraph now so I needed to draw her again.
Rhine’s there too. Rhine will be in every picture with Wraithi.
Every picture.   
Herla from the commission info! 


Now with examples! With special model: Herla! 

Sketches: $5


Lineart: $10  


Flat Colors: $15


Cell Shading: $20


Group pictures are now $3 per added dragon.

Message me about backgrounds. Prices vary from $5 to $10 on amount of detail. Single-color backgrounds are free.

Again, shoot me an ask here, a PM of Flight Rising (cosmicrust #16102), or a note on Deviant Art! 

I’ll be happy to draw your lovely dragons!