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CosmicRust #16102

More coatls oh boy
Every SE Benny needs a SE Pomeranian!  
Tryin’ out that color palette challenge thing as an excuse to try and draw Beachcomber.  
"Don’t dip me, you idiot!"
Based loosely off this
I hate drawing Starscream. So much. 
Whatcha lookin’ at, Ama?  
Wraithi has seraph now so I needed to draw her again.
Rhine’s there too. Rhine will be in every picture with Wraithi.
Every picture.   
Herla from the commission info! 


Now with examples! With special model: Herla! 

Sketches: $5


Lineart: $10  


Flat Colors: $15


Cell Shading: $20


Group pictures are now $3 per added dragon.

Message me about backgrounds. Prices vary from $5 to $10 on amount of detail. Single-color backgrounds are free.

Again, shoot me an ask here, a PM of Flight Rising (cosmicrust #16102), or a note on Deviant Art! 

I’ll be happy to draw your lovely dragons! 

Anonymous said: Can you please post examples of your different commission levels? Like the difference between Sketches, Line art, Flat Color, and Cell shading? Thanks.

Oh, yes! Of course! I’ve been meaning to do that. Thank you for reminding me, actually ;w;

"Wraithi…Wraithi, wake up!"
"Rhine, it’s too early. Go bother one of the Spirals."